Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thinking about focus...

Tonight we held our second round of spring conferences. I join many teachers and parents being a reading support teacher. It is interesting how many times I hear the word focus from parents and teachers. It is even more interesting that I am finding myself out of focus tonight.

So, since I am so out of focus I thought I'd focus on just that...
- What holds us back from being focused?

- Who decides what is worthy of our focus?

- Do we ask kids to focus too long on one task?

- Are we building focus through true engagement?

- I think choice leads to focus

- Does focus look the same for everyone?

Tonight I am focusing on too many things and not deeply enough on one thing (Therefore I am not packed for our vacation, the washing machine is still going, and I am just posting for the day!)

Good night SOL challenge friends - wishing you a new day filled with the power of focusing on what makes you happy!


  1. Choice leads to engagement, which is another (nicer) word for focus. It's amazing to watch and see which classroom activities capture which kids. I'm not often able to get them all jazzed up at the same time about the same stuff, but that's what makes it fun to plan a buffet of lessons -- surely there will be something for everyone in the course of the week!!

  2. Ok, I love your language, a buffet of lessons! Thanks so much for your support.