Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Day with Future Teachers

SOL Day 10

Today I am working on unwinding from a packed week. Progress cards are in parents hands, one daughter is making her way back to school with her clean laundry, groceries and snacks, so it is time to relax and enjoy the day. I am having an easy day, comfy clothes, reading and most wonderfully, enjoying our oldest daughter and her friends who are here for the weekend. All three are education majors. What a joy to sit and listen to them talk about their education classes.

Our day started at breakfast when they told me about learning to take a running record. They had my attention. They even knew about Marie Clay. I was worried that they only knew how to take running records but not analyze, I was not to worry that is next on the class agenda! This is all good news to this Reading Recovery teacher. I was thinking that our tuition dollars are well spent!

Later, we all sat at the kitchen table – laptops, books, notebooks, highlighters, etc. Every now and then one of them  came up from her research and shared. We have talked about early writers, phonics, teaching children in poverty, and shared writing. They are studying and I am drafting this blog. Our conversations all came back to respect for children, all children.

What a special gift for me having these young minds share their learning as they prepare for their teaching careers. What a special gift to the profession each of them will be. What a special gift for the kids they will teach.


  1. This encourages me, too. If your future teachers are a sample of what teacher education programs produce things are looking up. Hope returns.

  2. Love that you can share your love of education with your children and their friends. I'm also thrilled they know who Marie Clay is :). Glad you enjoyed a great Saturday in your comfy clothes!

  3. What a gift that you can share your love for education and being a teacher to your daughter. Is there anything better than a young teacher or teacher-to-be talking passionately about the things they learned? Those are the educators we need in our profession! What a great morning for you!