Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Here's to the newest of teachers

Day 14 SOL
I really feel pained for the youngest of our teachers. I know that our district can’t be the only one facing continued budget cuts and woes. And once again these teachers with only a few years of experience are in jeopardy of not having a contract. They are faced with the tough question, should they wait it out or should they interview elsewhere? They are heartbroken by this question as this is where they really want to be, in this community of learners.
I selfishly need these young people, they push me and teach me. But the students need them more so here is my try at poetry in honor of who they are in my teaching life…

New teachers,

You are the energy,

The spirit

The renewal

You are the learners
builders of hope

Experience is the foundation
       but you are like
                falling rain,
eroding practice by habit
            nurishing practice by thinking

You bring
the perspective
the vision

Spunky personalities
quiet or  shy
         you find a place and a way

You bring the courage, the resilience

You are fragile, sometimes unsure,
        yet very strong

You are the re-affirmers
Questioners of why

I depend on you
          to teach me new

You are
our reflection
of who we once were

of who we always
hope to be


  1. great poem - and so so heart breaks for all those wanne be teachers who through no fault of their own can not break through the walls we keep building...we are losing as generation of potentially great teachers.

  2. Oh, my. Tears running down my cheeks! This is so powerful!

    "Experience is the foundation
    but you are like
    falling rain,
    eroding practice by habit
    nurishing practice by thinking"

  3. You are a poet, my friend. I, too, am tearing up. New teachers breathe life into all of us.

    I depend on you
    to teach me new.

  4. Josie, this is beautiful! What a lovely tribute to these young teachers.