Tuesday, March 6, 2012

One wish to share a book... granted

Last month at our book club gathering only about half of our group was able to attend. We did something that was quite out of the ordinary for our group without most members present, we made a decision to change the book for the next month. I had no idea at that time how impacted my life would be by that decision.

One member was reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand and highly suggested that we join her. After searching the availability of the book, for those of us who have not joined the e-readers world, we all agreed. I requested both the book and the CDs from the public library. The CDs became available first so I had an incredible journey waiting me every time I got into my car. Suddenly listening in my car was not enough; I started staying on the treadmill a few more minutes just to listen to the book. If you know me at all you are realizing what a powerful a read this is as I rarely get on the treadmill, let alone extend my exercise! You get the idea, this is some story. But that isn't even the best thing that happened by reading this book.

Little did I know on the day that we all agreed to read this book that it would be the answer to a wish I have had for a long time - for me and my husband to share a book that we both loved. I married a man who I adore. I couldn't ask for a better life with him but I have always wanted to share reading with him. Oh, he reads - about his business world and his hobbies. He reads the newspaper religiously. But we have never shared a book. I am not sure why but I left the first CD of Unbroken on the counter with a note. I thought he'd enjoy the first few chapters, the parts before the war. He picked up the first CD and that was that. He started asking me questions, trying to trick me into telling him what happened to the people in the story. Occasionally I'd almost give something away, as I was so excited to be talking to him about a book. He came home every night and talked about where he was in the story. Later, he slipped out of the family room and found quiet places to listen to yet another chapter, only then to find me to talk about the book. Even after all of these years together, we have found a new bond. Oh, the power of a story!

Tonight he finished the last CD. He told me that he was reminded of why he enjoyed reading books - making the characters his own. Wow! My only question now is what book will we share next?


  1. Now, I need to read the book. What a great guy! I would cut off my right arm to get my hubby to read a book with me.

    Loved the part where you talked about how you extended your exercise to listen to the book. Hilarious. That endorsement right there encouraged me to go and pick up the text!

  2. **tears of happiness**
    Makes me realize how lucky I am to share my life (and many common books along our journey) with a Reader.

  3. Absolutely! You truly are - you are sharing your life with a writer/reader for sure! Jim told me to write about his experience which I was planning to do. I made him approve before I published!

    Have you noticed how many of my blogs you are in, in one way or another :) These last two for sure :) THANKS friend!