Sunday, March 11, 2012


Here we are once again on a Sunday afternoon it is just the two of us, the newly empty nesters. The quiet is amplified by the contrast of our weekend of constant motion. Whenever one or both of the girls come home from college it is a total whirlwind. The doors to our home become revolving – friends in and out, and we are in and out. We plan meals and events, we do laundry and we run errands. We stay up late and we soak up every opportunity to be together. When they leave I am left with the quiet. This is my least favorite quiet of all.

My favorite quiet is the early morning quiet. I am always the first one up. This my usual, as I have always been an early riser even as a child and I am not sure what I would do if my internal alarm clock stopped waking me so very early. There is something about a perfectly still house early in the morning. In this quiet I can accomplish so much, sometimes I am amazed at how much. There are no distractions, no noises and I am careful not make much noise. I can make my coffee, read, or write. I can plan for school and work on school records. The quiet is mine to disturb if I want. It is in this quiet that I can ease into my day calmly, thoughtfully. This is my must have quiet.


  1. You describe those whirlwind weekends when the kids come home perfectly. I can also totally relate to the pleasure that early morning quiet brings. It is quiet, but just until everyone awakens.

  2. Also empty nest with one bird gone to college. It is a different husband and I have recently bought a camp up north and this has added another layer of quiet.
    It is so timely this quiet...I so needed it...even though I miss some of the daughter noise.

  3. I'm enjoying early morning quiet right NOW!