Wednesday, July 13, 2016

After NerdCamp...

After Nerdy...

The magic that happens at NerdCamp  in Parma, MI  is almost indescribable, which is ironic considering that while there you are completely surrounded by readers and writers who spread the literacy enthusiasm with full energy and generosity. There is a spirit of sharing, thinking together, laughing.  There are also those moments of tearing up as speakers hit your heartstrings and it doesn't matter who is sitting next to you but you glance at one another and just know that you both feel that deep commitment and love and compassion and determination for kids, for humanity. 

Another beauty of NerdCamp is that the experience sticks with you, so today I'm reflecting on the After Nerdy and here is what I witnessed  and what I feel so far:

I witnessed a newly graduated teacher ready to start her career writing in her notebook on the four-hour drive home.

I witnessed a "car PD"  we debriefed each session we attended and the highlights and our thinking moving forward.  

I feel reaffirmed.

I feel the power of friendships renewed and strengthened and friendships newly made. 

I feel thankful...

Thankful that my career is one that I love and that I am surrounded by all of you.

Thankful to Colby Sharp @colbysharp and Alaina Sharp @sharpgalore for all of their incredible giving work to make this happen for so many.  To you and your entire team I feel gratitude. (I truly hope you are resting today!)  Knowing that after we left NerdCamp many students entered and basked in a magical literacy camp, just makes me beyond thankful.  Thank you to the entire original Nerd Team - for building communities of learners and bring us together through books and words.

Finally, I feel hopeful by all the advocates for children in our world.  I feel hopeful for the new teachers and those of us who have been fortunate to teach for many years and all of us in-between!  It is so important in our world that we have these strong communities for learning and thinking together.  Thank you to all at   for giving this spirit of hopefulness that our actions and the words we share make a difference.