Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break Reading

SOL Day 26

Spring break was outstanding, time spent with family, friends and great books. This year at the pool I noticed that my mom and aunt were reading a lot as well. Our friend who shared the trip with us read throughout our time together. Being surrounded by a reading community meant that it was okay to open your book at any time and get lost without feeling that you were unsocial, actually quite the opposite as we talked about our reading frequently.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I purchased Wonder and The One and Only Ivan for the trip. Neither of these books disappointed. When I first started Ivan I wondered how a book told by a Gorilla would grab me. Well it grabbed and never let go! I love Katherine Applegate’s books in this prose-type style. Amazing.

I cried so many times while reading Wonder that my husband said, “I don’t know if I should say sorry honey or I am glad you love your book!” This made me giggle and wipe my tears. How is it that YA books always touch so very deeply? I fell in love with the characters and was surprised when the chapters alternated narrators. I was not expecting this format but thought it was powerful.

I also finished Out of My Head. After listening to Sharon Draper at the Dublin Literacy Conference, many teachers on our staff are reading this book and will come together for a book talk. What a range of emotions I felt reading this one. And it was particularly interesting to read it right after Wonder. Actually, all three of these books teach us about compassion and celebrate what we can learn from one another and our unique gifts.

Finally, for the car ride I started Breadcrumbs. I have about 20 pages to go and if laundry and life weren’t calling me I would have this book completed too. I am intrigued whenever an author can weave classics into modern day. Brilliant so far!

There is just magic about books for readers starting in about grade 4, I call it YA but not sure that is the right label. These books just touch a place in my heart. Perhaps it is the honesty, the searching for life answers, the friendships, the struggles, or simply all of that and so much more. Maybe it is that writers who can write for YA are just that gifted and it is a good thing because these young readers deserve the very best. Whatever the reason, by far, these are my favorite books.

For my adult “reading” I listened to the first two Cd's of Little Bee while I was in the driver’s seat. You guessed it, my drive to school and back will be filled with this story.

I returned to school filled with new stories in my head and heart and all day I just wanted to share these books with readers of all ages.


  1. I can't wait to read Wonder. You inspired me to save it for my vacation (after Easter). I loved how you described, "I cried so many times while reading Wonder that my husband said, “I don’t know if I should say sorry honey or I am glad you love your book!”' I, too, wonder about the power of books for this age. Maybe they are written to evoke the deepest human longings, the ones we recognize from an early age and never really lose?

  2. I am in the middle of Wonder and have shed tears at least twice before the first 100 pages. I loved reading about your husband's comment. My son's comment was that this seems more like an adult book since you are crying so much. I also read The One and Only Ivan and felt as you said, "filled my head and my heart." I loved reading your reflections about these books. It is a good day back to have wonderful stories in our minds and ready to share:)