Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Empty Nesting

SOL   Day 28
My husband and I admit it, we wrapped our lives around our daughters' lives and yet we have never regretted that.  We planned so that we could be home with our girls or nearby when they were out and about.  We were happy, yes sometimes weary, to be the drivers for car pooling to the mall, movies, games, dances, etc. And we were always an open door home, where kids came and went, were fed and welcomed.  I am sure that there are plenty of books out there that instruct nurturing the husband/wife relationship more carefully or tell you to find time for dating.  I am not saying that we did it right, I am just saying we did what worked and came naturally for us.

When our oldest daughter was a senior in high school we knew the truth, she would be moving out soon and our youngest wouldn't be far behind.  Then what?  So while our daughter was filling out college applications we were beginning to fill in the blanks to now what?

The now what? has been unfolding during this entire school year as my first school work day just happened to be the college move in day for our youngest.  Neither girl is too far away, but then again they aren't here.  My husband and I have each had our turn at sentimental tears and questioning where time has gone.  But that has made us more sensitive to one another.  So the empty nesting dance began and we are taking it step by step.  Like any true dance the rhythm is falling into place naturally. We are finding the beat and the pace.

It turns out that building our family together was nurturing our relationship all along.


  1. For us, it was actually pretty neat to reconnect and find out we really stil liked each other a LOT!

  2. Your post gives me great hope - life after the children move on. One in ninth grade and one in seventh, and the time just seems to be flying by. I love the image of a dance - and taking it step by step. Thanks.

  3. Josie-
    I am so glad I can be with you through blogging. I have so much to learn from you. When my boys leave us, I need to remember this post. For today, you reminded me to embrace the car pooling and practices even though (like today) they make me weary!

  4. Oh, my!
    That last line made tears jump into my eyes!
    What a great piece of writing (from the HEART) this is!