Thursday, March 8, 2012

Adding on to Our School Family

Day 8   SOL

This afternoon as I was transitioning from a classroom to my room, I passed a teacher in the hallway. It was obvious that “something was up.” I stopped and asked if she was okay. It turned out that the “something” was that her water had broken. She was trying to figure out how to handle the set of parents she had waiting on her in the classroom as they had brought birthday treats for their son’s celebration. It started to look as if there might be two birthdays to celebrate in that classroom today!

I took her classroom and was soon joined by another reading teacher. Yes, it is a bad joke, “how many reading teachers does it take to teach a math class?” Please do not answer! The truth is that we were taken over by joy and concern and care for all involved. But the sweetest part was the love and concern that her class displayed. We explained to them that their teacher was okay but that she was going to the doctor to see if it was time to have her baby. Even still, about every five minutes one child would approach quietly and ask, “Is my teacher okay?”

The answer to that question is YES, your teacher is more than okay. I am reminded of the absolute beauty and overwhelming joy of welcoming a new life into the world.

And now we wait in anticipation of the newest addition to our school family.


  1. Ewww! I mean... how exciting! Whenever I am next door to a pregnant teacher (or down the hall for that matter), I am not sad to see them go on maternity leave early. Although I totally get the beauty of the whole process, I want nothing to do with the water-breaking and that kid coming before medical professionals are around to take care of it! I would be happy to jump in and man a math class, however :) Your detail about the quiet, concerned questions is precious!

  2. Josie - I love this post. What a wonderful thing to be part of this new mom's final steps to motherhood! And I love the reading teachers teaching math joke - can totally relate.

    Happy weekend!

  3. What happy news at your school! I love the love a classroom has for their teacher!