Wednesday, March 7, 2012

One day, many communities.

Day 7 SOL

Today the sense of community surrounds me. 

Here is my list:

· Breakfast with teachers as we gather in the lounge to welcome to our school author/illustrator Loren Long

· Reading with my Reading Recovery students. Laughing as we read, writing about the stories we have shared. Celebrating their success.

· Mid-morning we gather in the library, K-1 students and teachers. We listen to the stories that Mr. Long shares of himself as a reader, writer, father, and illustrator. He encourages each of us to do what we love in our reading and writing and art.

· Noon – I greet community volunteers who come to our school once a week to mentor and tutor our students.

· Gather on the carpet with a 4th grade class as they wrap-up their read aloud discussion. I marvel at their insights, connections and understandings. Some of this conversation is inspired by Mary Lee's blog  as the teacher shares some of Mary Lee's thoughts about read aloud.

· Read with a group of 4th graders who eagerly share their reading goals.  

· Receive an email from a 4th grade class that includes their most recent writing project! They seem to say - 'welcome to our writing community.'

· Teach After School Club – Photography class taught by a community member. One student hands me a camera and tells me to take a picture – ‘welcome to the photography community’ he seems to say!

· Meeting at 7pm with community members who are integral in planning Year 2 of our Summer Lunch program. This community of volunteers seems tireless, eager, and completely committed to serve children. I am humbled to sit and serve with them.

· Home community – daughter home from college, husband home from work. We laugh and plan and unwind.

· Finally, I work on my SOL blog and embrace this new to me blogging community.

Today I realize how fortunate I am to be a part of so many different communities and many of which are centered on children, learning and literacy.


  1. Love the many communities you are a part of! It made me thing of the ones I was a part of today. Many are the same - 4th graders reading aloud to 1st graders, teacher helping each other, admin in the building planning next year, a museum contractor who is working with us on a grant, the parents who stopped by after school. Wonderful groups of people.

    1. We really are fortunate to be involved in so many things. Your museum contractor sounds interesting! Good luck with the grant.

  2. I'm so blessed that my worlds intersect with yours at lots of different spots!