Thursday, March 22, 2012

March Madness

SOL Day 22
Ohio State Buckeye fans are gearing up for the March Madness match up tonight; they are in the sweet 16. I used to think that March Madness was all about basketball, but I was mistaken. Thanks to Ruth and Stacey and Ed DeCaria at Think Kid Think!  I have learned that March Madness is really about writing and sharing and reading and learning with and from fellow literacy lovers.

The TV is on the right channel, our big game comes on, but my laptop is with me and my mind and heart are more invested in the SOL challenge as I continue to play with several drafts.

The fun of having a favorite basketball team in the Sweet 16 of the tournament is real. The joy in having a friend write poetry and being in the regional semifinals of Madness! 2012 a kid's poetry tournament is priceless! Chanting for your favorite basketball team is exciting. But cheering your old-time friends and new found blogging friends as they post their daily Slice of Life writing has brought the kind of excitement and joy that will last long past March.

I suspect that for many of us participating in either the SOL or the poetry tournament the experience will impact us in ways unimaginable.  


  1. Josie - I love the connections you make between March Madness for basketball and the other forms of March Madness around us.

    I couldn't agree more that this experience will affect me for a long time to come. So very glad you are on this journey with me!

  2. 20+ days in, and you're still at it!

    The community provides PALPABLE support, doesn't it? All those virtual hands, holding you up, keeping you going, commenting, praising, encouraging.

    Thank YOU for your support, dear Friend! Looks like I'm in it for at least one more poem. Might need you to cover my class while I write this week!!!

  3. It would be my honor to cover YOUR class any time.. but especially for writing purposes :) HUGS and go write!