Saturday, March 17, 2012

All in One Day?

Day 17
We traveled through the night and continued traveling until 12:30pm. I took the sunrise driving shift so as I rolled on towards the south, the sun rose to my left gradually welcoming the new day.  And what a full and joyous day it has been.

- travel from 5pm yesterday until 12:30pm today from Ohio to Florida

- arrive in Florida, greeted by my dad and mom hugging and kissing and more hugging

- enjoy lunch prepared by my mom

- change clothes and head to the pool

- sit at pool and read for several hours

- clean up

- help prepare dinner

- clean up from dinner

- go out for the evening, listen to a band, people watch

- come home, read, work on blog, watch evening news

I am so thankful that one day can bring so much joy. The joy of the sunrise unfolding before me, the joy of spending time with my parents, the joy of warmth and relaxation, the joy of realizing how very blessed I truly am and the joy of participating in this SOL challenge that gives me a vehicle to reflect.


  1. Hope you are enjoying a break from the routines! I sure am!

  2. This joyful post made me smile.

  3. The repetition of joy was beautifully crafted. I love the thought of sitting on the beach and enjoying the sun. Enjoy the blessings of family and be refreshed.